Well here it is in the middle of June, I cannot even believe that. I have been going from schools to meetings for the last two weeks that I have no sense of time. Lots has been going on here in the wonderful state of Colorado. We are currently preparing for the Independence Stampede. I do security for the event. I usually end up working 12 to 14 hour days. I love it though.

School is going fast and furious…. I have 21 weeks of school left! I have to admit that I am very excited! I can’t wait till I am licensed and able to be out there doing what I love professionally! I have taken a look back at my experiences in cosmetology school and I have some tips that I want to share so I think that I will be doing a blog about cosmetology school soon!

Lap-band is a process that is for sure. For those of you who don’t know the lap-band is a device placed on the stomache to help with weight loss. Many people get the lap-band for different reasons. I got mine for medical reasons. I have 4 crushed disks and it is extremely hard for me to loss weight the old fashion way. I had the surgery on December 5th and have lost about 80 pounds. I now have a gym membership and am working on getting bigger results.

Update on the give away…. I really want to do a give away for my readers, I want to give back, I think that it will be beauty related, and will be completed on July 15th. I am currently working on the rules of the give away, and trying to figure out exactly when I am going to start the give away and how I really want to do it!

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As alway remember H.O.P.E (hold on pain ends)

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