HI everybody,  
I am sorry it has been so long! The end of June and the beginning of July is crazy for me as I am wrapping up the Greeley Independence Stampede. I love doing security at that event. I know I said I wanted to do a give away in July, I have a great give away for you all but I am just waiting for the right time! I will be doing the give away as soon as I have more then 25 followers! 

I will be graduating cosmetology school on October 24th, and I couldn’t be more proud! When all is sad and done I will be licensed in hair, skin, and nails, I will also be certified to do microdermabrasions, I will also have extra certificates in Redken, Dermalogica, and OPI. I am so excited to share all that I have learned with all of you! Which leads me to my next topic, Youtube, I am thinking that I want to start doing Youtube, but I am not sure about it… leave me your opinions below!  I will be  starting nail class in two weeks! I really can’t  wait to share all that with you! As for the lap-band I have lost another 30 pounds bringing my weight loss to 115 pounds! I am more happy than I ever thought I could be! Thank you all for taking time to read my blogs! I really do appreciate it! You all are amazing! Thank you again! Leave ideas, suggestions, and opinions on how I can better my blog below! Thanks again!