I can’t believe that on October 24th I will have graduated from cosmetology school. It has been a long process. Tomorrow I start on the floor being able to do all services! I can now do hair, skin, and nails! There was a point at the beginning of this year where I was wishing I could just quit school. Then I realized no matter where you go to cosmetology school there will be drama, it’s basically a drama filled environment. I am now glad that I kept going and strives for the best.  After I graduate my main focus will be on blogging and I think at that point and time I will set up my YouTube channel. Dreams do come true and when followed they pay off.
Thanks for taking time to read this. I will be doing my August favorites next week. I hope that your all doing well. If there is ever anything you would like to see a blog post about please let me know. Please like and subscribe!