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Merry Christmas everyone! I hope that your holiday is going great. I am sorry that I haven’t been able to blog in a while I have been busy helping my mother who just had major back surgery. We faced a couple of obstacles, but everything is back on course now. We also opened an amazon store which you can find all your beauty and health care needs at just go to http://www.opalescentreflections.info
I hope that you find that site helpful and I hope that you find all the beauty needs you are looking for!

I had a wonderful Christmas, my mom didn’t feel up to doing much of the holiday this year, so my brother and I decided it would be a big help to her if we picked up where she left off. We finished the shopping, wrapped the gifts, did the meal shopping and cooking it was so much fun. I did however release that I need to appreciate my mom a little more. Christmas this year was that much more special as we got to have my niece and nephew here with us. Christmas is so much more fun when there are kids present. I also have to say thank you to my family for all the wonderful gifts.

As for my gifts here is what I got:



I am going to put this one on a separate blog! I love them that much!



From my brother I got a water bottle. It’s called a Bobble. I have had one of these before and I love it. This bottle has a water filter that is attached to the lid and it purifies your water as you drink. The water tastes 100 times purer. It is also BPA free!  This is not only better for your health, but much better for the environment. One filter is equal to 300 bottles of water. That is a great way to recycle.  If your interested in getting one of this Bobbles you can get it at www.waterbobble.com I can’t thank my brother enough, being as I have a lap-band,  I am supposed to drink a ton of water and I need to drink more. My brother has motivated me to drink more water and continue to live a healthier life. He also gave me a refill pack of the filters. I have no choice but to drink more water now!

From my mom I got a ton of wonderful gifts. They are all beauty related, which makes me happy and they are all meant to help build my pro make up kit. These are all first impressions I will have full reviews up after I use them more.  Here we go:



I have wanted this palette for a while. Let me start by saying The Balm packaging is the best! I have their palette the NudeTude and I love it, This palette is so much better than I thought it would be. The palette includes nine shades and they are all matte. The colors are  all natural and basic. Perfect to have in any makeup collection. The shade that I am most happy about is Matt Singh it is the perfect crease color. This color reminds me alot of the Semi-Sweet color in the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette. The palette includes warm and cool shades. It is just the perfect staple matte palette.



This palette includes 20 shades and is said to be comparable for the Naked 1 and Naked 2 palette. One thing I have to say is that when I tried it, I found the matte shades to blend a little better then the Naked palettes. The palette includes five mattes (one is a cream highlight shade and then there is a matte black.) This palette includes everything you need for a daytime to night time to party or special occasion looks.



  This palette includes 20 shades as well and includes 7 mattes. This palettes is said to be comparable to the Naked 3 palette. The shades are all on the pink to cranberry scale in color and I find it to be a gorgeous palette. I did a look with the palette last night and I found it to be incredible. I love the matte cranberry shade. I used it in the crease and it made the prettiest cranberry smoky eye. Again the matte shades are amazing, super easy to blend, and they apply so well. Little to no fall out!



  I have never owned a Beauty Blender, but I do own the Real Techniques one (which I love) and the SOHO one (which I didn’t like). This set of four sponges I thought would probably be like the SOHO one that was extremely hard and when it was wet it was no better, but these are surprisingly soft and they get better when wet. You can find these at our amazon store link above for around $12.00 which is amazing compared to the $19.99 you can spend on one Beauty Blender. Again I have never had the Beauty Blender and I look forward to trying it, but at 3.00 a spongy have to say these are well worth their money.



  This is one of my favorite gifts.. you get an amazing trio of the best Nude Wear palettes and you get an amazing brush and makeup back that has an adorable rose gold bow as the handle. Again this is a first impression, I will have a full review up or a quick review as it is limited edition! The one thing I can say is that I wish they would leave the gold sparkly over spray off.


cindylou marylou

  I haven’t got to try these out yet I just got to swatch them… and they are beautiful on the hand. I can’t wait to try them on the face. I do think that Cindy-Lou Manizer maybe a little dark for a highlighter, but I may be able to use it to enhance blushes or contouring not sure yet,but I can’t wait to use them.



  These are a must have in any collection I am just going to go a head and say that now. I got all 4 of the shades… they have light, medium, dark, and the color corrector one. I used them already and I love how creamy they are and they are pigmented. I have already used the dark one to contour my face. I love it.

Well that’s it for the gifts that I unwrapped, I will be doing an Ulta Haul after I get the rest of the stuff and that would be considered for Christmas as I bought it with Christmas money I got from my grandma. I am also going to be doing my December favorites and my 2014 favorites. Thank you all for taking time to read this leave comments of what you got for Christmas and I hope you all have a good holiday season. I hope that you had a good year this year, let me know what you are looking forward to in the new year!