Cosmetology school update!

I can’t believe that on October 24th I will have graduated from cosmetology school. It has been a long process. Tomorrow I start on the floor being able to do all services! I can now do hair, skin, and nails! There was a point at the beginning of this year where I was wishing I could just quit school. Then I realized no matter where you go to cosmetology school there will be drama, it’s basically a drama filled environment. I am now glad that I kept going and strives for the best.  After I graduate my main focus will be on blogging and I think at that point and time I will set up my YouTube channel. Dreams do come true and when followed they pay off.
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July 2014 Favorites

Hello everybody! Again I want to say that if my blog gets 25 followers I am going to do a give away! I am so super excited about that!!!!!! Also I am thinking I will start a YouTube account!!!!  Now onto my monthly favorites.


My favorite foundation has been the Rimmel Stay Matte foundation. It’s medium to heavy coverage, it applies smoothly and evenly and it lasts all day long! I give this a 9 on a 1 to 10 scale ( 10 being the best). I also love how affordable it is!!!!


I am also loving the Rimmel Match Perfection concealer. It is heavy coverage and doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry. It last for a full 8 hour work day…… I am in fair/light, but the fair one works as an amazing highlight for me. I would give this product an 8.


I have been loving this L’Oréal Infallible in Bronzed Taupe. I will wear it all over my lid or in my crease depending on the look I am going for. I love all the Infallibles but this one is my second favorite. My number one favorite is Iced Latte. I would recommend this product to everyone. I give it a 10.


This has been my go to blush. It’s Maybelline’s Master  Hi Light by Facestudio. This color in Pink Rose is amazing on my skin tone, but I also believe this would be gorgeous on darker skin tones. It is pigmented and applied well, I give this product a 7.


I absolutely love Wet November Wild’s matte lipsticks. They don’t dry your lips out, they are creamy and very opaque and pigmented! The price of $1.99 is awesome to! I also love how they usually last all day! My favorite is 903c Just Peachy. Give them a try!!!!!! I give this product an 8.


For my skin, right before I put on my foundation I give my face a couple of squirting of Dermalogica’s Ultra Calming Mist toner. It evens out my skin making for a smoother application of make up. After a few days you’ll notice a huge difference in your skin! I also apply this to my face when it feels itchy, or aggrevated.  I also put this on a new sunburn to take the sting out!!!! Highly recommend that you go and get a facial and then try this out! I give this product a 9. You can also put this on after you apply your make-up and it then works as a setting spray.


I finally got me a Nyx product. Well I got 5 of the butter glosses but Creme Brule is by far my favorite. I love the formula, texture, pigmentation, smell, everything. In my opinion these are the best lip glosses out there. I give them a 10.

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Mid- July Update, Cosmetology School, Giveaway update, Youtube, etc.

HI everybody,  
I am sorry it has been so long! The end of June and the beginning of July is crazy for me as I am wrapping up the Greeley Independence Stampede. I love doing security at that event. I know I said I wanted to do a give away in July, I have a great give away for you all but I am just waiting for the right time! I will be doing the give away as soon as I have more then 25 followers! 

I will be graduating cosmetology school on October 24th, and I couldn’t be more proud! When all is sad and done I will be licensed in hair, skin, and nails, I will also be certified to do microdermabrasions, I will also have extra certificates in Redken, Dermalogica, and OPI. I am so excited to share all that I have learned with all of you! Which leads me to my next topic, Youtube, I am thinking that I want to start doing Youtube, but I am not sure about it… leave me your opinions below!  I will be  starting nail class in two weeks! I really can’t  wait to share all that with you! As for the lap-band I have lost another 30 pounds bringing my weight loss to 115 pounds! I am more happy than I ever thought I could be! Thank you all for taking time to read my blogs! I really do appreciate it! You all are amazing! Thank you again! Leave ideas, suggestions, and opinions on how I can better my blog below! Thanks again! 


Mid- June Blog: GIVE AWAY UPDATE!!!!!! Lapband update, Cosmetology school update and other random information

Well here it is in the middle of June, I cannot even believe that. I have been going from schools to meetings for the last two weeks that I have no sense of time. Lots has been going on here in the wonderful state of Colorado. We are currently preparing for the Independence Stampede. I do security for the event. I usually end up working 12 to 14 hour days. I love it though.

School is going fast and furious…. I have 21 weeks of school left! I have to admit that I am very excited! I can’t wait till I am licensed and able to be out there doing what I love professionally! I have taken a look back at my experiences in cosmetology school and I have some tips that I want to share so I think that I will be doing a blog about cosmetology school soon!

Lap-band is a process that is for sure. For those of you who don’t know the lap-band is a device placed on the stomache to help with weight loss. Many people get the lap-band for different reasons. I got mine for medical reasons. I have 4 crushed disks and it is extremely hard for me to loss weight the old fashion way. I had the surgery on December 5th and have lost about 80 pounds. I now have a gym membership and am working on getting bigger results.

Update on the give away…. I really want to do a give away for my readers, I want to give back, I think that it will be beauty related, and will be completed on July 15th. I am currently working on the rules of the give away, and trying to figure out exactly when I am going to start the give away and how I really want to do it!

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As alway remember H.O.P.E (hold on pain ends)


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May Favorites


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May has come and gone! This has been a beautiful wonderful month. A lot is happening in the good old state of Colorado. Last night we experienced a 3.7 earthquake. That was rare for us. I have to say it made me thankful that we don’t live in California. Cosmetology school is crazy right now, I have finished the hair portion completely, I did my pre-skin classes and am now taking clients for facials, back treatments, body wraps, and make up! I am so excited! I love make up and now I feel more qualified to be a make up artist! I have been doing a lot of make up on other people now! I have been really blessed to go to a school where we get to work with such great product lines such as Redken, Pravana, Mirabella, and Dermalogica. This leads me to my first favorite:


This is the Medibac Spot Concealing Treatment by Dermalogica. To say that I love this product would be an under statement. When ever I have the worst breakout or only one or two pimples this stuff clears them up in one to two days. The back of the tube says “An intense treatment with a natural looking tint that quickly targets, conceals, and helps clear breakouts.”

Now I have to say the first time I used this product I thought the color was way to dark for my skin, but then I followed the directions on the back of the tube. If you place a couple of dots on the breakout and wait a few minutes and then rub it in it matches your skin tone. I would have to say that this really clears up the breakouts with in 24 hours. I carry this in my purse. Love, love this product!


Too Faced Chocolate Bar has to be the palette that I have used the most this month. The shadows are super pigmented and creamy and there are a multitude of color options. My favorite look is using the Gilded Ganache for a dark smoky eye with the milk chocolate as the transition and the white chocolate as the highlight! I also love that Too Face includes eye shadow layouts so that you have different looks to play with. I believe this palette is a must have for any make up collection, and did I mention it smells like chocolate?


Maybelline Color Tattoo Metal in Barely Branded. This is my all time favorite. I actually use this as my base shadow or eye shadow primer. It really brightens and intensifies any eyeshadows that you may use. I particurally love to use the is the Chocolate Bar palette. It says it last 24 hours and I would have to say its not far off that. We tested them out on a girls make up at school. We applied them at noon and then she was going to wear them till the next day. When she came in it was still there it had just faded(barely). I like it because it doesn’t fade. Definitely worth having.


Jordana Fabu-Liner both the regular and the bold pens. I really like the tips and how you can get a nice crisp line. I would like them even better if they didn’t come off if they got wet. I do like that once you apply them, and they set you can rub your eyes and it doesn’t budge. Waterproof would be great though!


Equate Oil free Eye Make up Remover, this is the best. I have really sensitive skin and I used to use regular baby wipes to take makeup off but that was making my face red and sore, then I started using the Neutrogena Oil free make up remover and really like it. I went to replace it one day and grabbed the Equate one by accident and I am glad I did. I really feel that the Equate one helps to melt the make up so much better than the Neutrogena one and it is half the price!


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